CBD Vaping Guide



4 Things You Need to Know Before Vaping CBD Oil

There is no denying that CBD oil has a wide range of health benefits; that’s part of the reason why most people have become so interested in vaping CBD oil in the first place. Normally, people with health concerns like chronic pain, epilepsy, cancer, and anxiety disorders lean toward the use of CBD oil, but vaping the oil without having any of these health problems is just as acceptable.

The general consensus is that vaping CBD oil relaxes your body and mind, making you feel calm and wonderful. That being said, there is a fraction of people that avoid using CBD oil out of fear of the product’s ability to get the user high.

With that said, with the wide range of CBD products available, it is essential to verify their overall quality and choose only the credible ones. This guide sums up all the crucial things that you must be aware of whilst shopping for vape products such as vape pens and choosing the best CBD for vaping.

The Meaning of CBD Oil

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the chemical compounds found in the Cannabis sativa – the cannabis or marijuana plant. This hemp plant consists of 104 chemical compounds in total out of which the main cannabinoids are THC and CBD. Unlike THC, CBD lacks psychoactive properties, which means that its usage doesn’t get you “high.” Various studies also show that the compound is packed with healing properties as it relieves symptoms of pain, anxiety, inflammation, epilepsy, and depression.

CBD can easily be infused into a variety of products such as edibles, tinctures, vape juice etc. There are also plenty of vaping styles and some of them are discussed as follows:

CBD Vape Styles

As stated earlier, there are a number of different vape styles. Here, we’ll discuss a few of them in more detail.

CBD Vape Pens

These are probably the most common vaping products and that’s because of two reasons. First, they are easy to use and second, they are quite inexpensive.

Available in the disposable form, CBD vape pens are light and airy and come pre-filled with CBD vape juice. They operate through their built-in coil and battery. A vape pen is ideal for a hundred puffs after which you will have to dispose it off.

CBD Oil Cartridges

These are slim-shaped cylindrical vape tanks that are pre-filled with CBD distillate or CBD vape juice. These cartridges required an e-cig battery to function and are second best for vaping CBD oil after vape pens. Generally, the holder is able to contain 0.5 ml to 1 ml of CBD vape juice.

CBD Pods

Similar to CBD oil cartridges, CBD pods are a more modern inventory. Owing to their JUUL compatibility, they are the hottest trend in the cannabis industry today. In case the battery goes down, the pod can be recharged via a USB charger which you can insert in your computer/laptop.

The Best CBD Oil for Vaping

Out of hundreds and thousands of CBD oils being sold online and in markets, it is hard to choose the most effective one for vaping. It is recommended to go for CBD oils that are 100% organic. Chemical-based CBD oil can have harmful impact on users, resulting in unwanted side-effects. As you might have guessed, the chances of side-effects decrease with organic ingredients.

It is also important to choose CBD oil from an authentic store or a seller. To ensure that you invest in a quality product, review the brand first. If the product is available at a too-good-to-be-true price, then avoid getting the oil from that particular source since there’s a high chance that you might not get the right product.

The Ideal Dosage for CBD Oil

To answer this might have been easier if there was a standard CBD oil dosage, universally followed by everyone. CBD oil dosage varies, depending on a number of factors – the type of illness, age, body weight, tolerance level etc. Plus, every person’s metabolism rate and the ECS (endocannabinoid system) are unique. So you can expect different experiences and the results may vary from person to person even if the same amount of CBD oil is consumed.

It is highly recommended to start with a low dosage like 1 to 2 ml of CBD oil. Then, you should wait for some time (five to six hours at max) before taking another dose. Slowly work your way up, raise your dosage level by 5 ml and try to gauge its effect on your overall health. You may not sense the effects instantly, but you eventually will. Do keep a close watch on your feelings all this time as an overdose of CBD oil can make you feel nauseated and dizzy. If you feel normal then it is probably because you are following the right dosage.

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kratom tea strains

4 Types of Kratom That Will Always Keep Your Energy Levels at Maximum

In this fast-paced world, most of us are constantly out of breath just trying to keep up with our daily responsibilities. The workload does not seem to reduce ever, no matter how hard we work. In a situation like this, it’s almost impossible to find time for ourselves and gives ourselves the break we deserve.

Most of us fall prey to habits like excessive drinking or using other harmful substances to detach ourselves from this world. A little time to ourselves in this busy world is all we need. Thankfully, better alternatives like Kratom exist that energize us without instilling any harmful substances in our body.

Kratom is a natural herb that gives us that instant boost of energy that we deserve during the day.

The White-Veined Kratom

If you suffer from constant fatigue and feel demotivated throughout the day, then the White-Veined Kratom dosage is the best fit for you. It has concentrated levels of Mitragynine, which raises your energy levels in no time. Different kinds of blends fall under this category.

However, to increase energy levels, White-Veined Bali Kratom blend works the best. It is rich in alkaloids that help with confidence, motivation, energy, and focus.

The White-Veined Thai Kratom blend is another good option. People who work in intensive stress environments should definitely have this for energy and relaxing their body and brain.

The Maeng-Da Kratom

This is a Kratom that is grown in Thailand that delivers best results when it comes to stimulating high levels of energy. If you are looking for something that is mood lifting and energetic, here is the type of Kratom that is best suited to your needs.

Kratom dosage for this particular type is lower when compared to others. This is due to the presence of high levels of strain.

The Thai Kratom

This is another type of energy booster Kratom. It works well for people who work monotonous jobs and want a change. What is better than experiencing this change through Thai Kratom? Not only does it give you an energy boost, but it also enhances your confidence like never before.

We all need that confidence in doing tasks that are extremely challenging to excel at work.

The Vietnam Kratom

This is one of the oldest Kratom types. It is unique because of its composition that makes the body energetic and empowers the nervous system as well. This distinct blend of alkaloids present in Veitnam Kratom makes you deal with a bad day at work or even be it a quarrel with a coworker. There is nothing that it cannot fix.

Low on energy should not be a problem after discovering the Kratom types mentioned above. Look at their dosages and start incorporating them in your life for moving towards healthier solutions. Give up on alcohol and those expensive medications, and move towards Kratom intake.